Small blue pill a 215

i have a small, round, blue pill with nothing on one side and “r 215″ on the other. there is a score mark and the “r” is on top.
small blue pill a 215
Is there any difference between the pill with a scored M on one side, and 30 on the other. Compared to the little blue pill with R/A in cursive, w/ 215 scored below..

little light blue pill with nothing on one side and a capitol -R- on top then a line and 215 on the bottom thanks 4 any info:) BURN BURN BURN IN THE RING OF FIRE. small blue pill a 215 side effects

Oct 28, 2006 · I FOUND A SMALL ROUND PEACH PILL WITH 20 ON ONE SIDE AND IP ON THE OTHER CAN YOU TELL WHAT IT IS? It could be Celexa, which is peach …. Natural remedies for yeast infection May 04, 2009 · I found a pill its little light blue and has an A on the top and 215 on the bottom WHat IS IT?. light blue pill a 215

Feb 25, 2010 · It is actually Ortho-Tricyclen a birth control pill it is the 215 mg version which is light blue and has the 215 labeled in it. Each light blue tablet. Jan 11, 2008 · What pill is small, round and blue and says M on one side and 30 on the other? if has a little line to break and is a tiny blue pill with a capital M and. small round blue pill a 215

small blue pill a 215
Apr 30, 2003 · Anyone out there have any advice for someone who has recognized that they have a drug addiction problem, started to go to AA, but has relapsed? I was doing. Cvs coupon matchups Other Side = A (or R) on top; Scored through the middle; 215 on the bottom.. small blue pill a over 215

small blue pill scored a 215

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